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Let Alexander Communications help you polish your business writing skills. We offer

on-site, customized seminars


Seminars are designed by Yvonne Alexander and are customized by using writing samples from your company or organization.

Now your employees can learn to write more effectively. Business writing is a developmental process with logical steps that can be learned easily. When your employees learn to write clearly, they will increase their confidence and improve their effectiveness. After attending just one of our seminars, your employees will know how to write for results.

They will use their new skills immediately to

  • make a good impression
  • save valuable time
  • express themselves clearly and confidently
  • achieve the desired outcome


Clearly written letters, memos and reports make a positive impact on the recipient. Learn how to organize ideas, focus on the objective, and write clearly and persuasively. Writing that is so clear it can’t be misunderstood brings the desired response, saves time and increases productivity.


Designed for scientists, biostatisticians and clinical research associates, this course helps scientific thinkers identify their key points, eliminate extraneous information and streamline sentences. Products move through the pipeline faster and more efficiently when information is communicated clearly.


If grammar makes you groan and punctuation has you puzzled, this course is the cure. Improve your image by avoiding embarrassing mistakes. Learn to apply a few basic rules to your sentence structure, and you will learn to communicate clearly and effectively. This practical course is one of our most popular with clients.

A Brown Bag Special

Lunch and Learn is a one-hour writing workshop that is fun and teaches new skills that can be used immediately. In the time it takes to have lunch, your employees can learn key points for writing clearly and persuasively. All you have to do is choose the date.

Sample Before You Buy

Now you can preview a writing seminar before scheduling it for your employees. This complimentary one-hour presentation is for training directors, human resources managers and key decision makers who want their employees to attend a seminar in business writing.

Could one of your key employees benefit from individual writing help, either through personal coaching or on-line assistance? Does your company need a writer or editor to help polish a document?

Alexander Communications is here to help you polish your business writing skills. Remember, you have only one chance to make a good first impression.

Call or email us today.

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