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If you grimace over grammar and puzzle over punctuation, you will benefit from our popular course in grammar and punctuation.

Test your Grammar Skills
Can you spot the errors in these sentences?

  1. Although some of the charges against ABC Corp., one of Wall Street’s most powerful firms, had been anticipated for some time, the nature of other allegations were more serious than had been expected.

  2. Even though he knows we don’t like to work outside, Dad always asks my sister and me to mow the lawn.

  3. I told him there’s a lot of restaurants in the San Francisco area, so its up to him to choose one.

  4. After the meeting, be sure to read this report carefully. Then Rosalie and myself will review it with the entire committee.

  5. Did you think the juror’s verdict was accurate?

(Scroll down to see the answers.)

Answers to Grammar Puzzler

  1. nature of other allegations WAS more serious

  2. This sentence is correct.

  3. there ARE a lot of restaurants; IT’S up to him

  4. Rosalie and I

  5. JURORS’ (One juror cannot have a verdict; it’s a plural possessive.)

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