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The ability to write clearly and persuasively is one of the most valuable skills a person can have. Alexander Communications seminars in business writing are practical and tailored especially for employee needs. In our business writing workshops you will learn to write for results when using our custom-designed workbooks that include industry-specific language and your own writing samples.

Don't leave your readers numb with the rambling gibberish of written business communication. In our technical writing seminars and proposal writing workshops, you will learn to recognize and revise the muddy language that can clutter documents and tarnish your company's image.

Now you can polish your corporate writing skills. Learn how to clarify your message, control tone, move toward muscular language—and away from fluff. With our interactive writing exercises we'll demonstrate editing techniques that turn stagnant writing into prose that sizzles. And we'll offer proven methods for saving time and money.

Founded in 1986, Alexander Communications is a national company with offices in San Francisco and New York City. Our writing seminars come with a satisfaction guarantee.

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